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For an email reading I shuffle and draw the cards just as though we were face to face. All readings are written up by me, personally.   
2. I read the Tarot cards to empower you (the querent) and create healing in your life.
3. After a reading the querent is free to seek clarification but I reserve the right to speak only about the content of the reading.
4. The reading itself, and all contact information provided by the querent, will be in confidence between myself and the querent and never passed on.
5. I approach a reading with an open mind, honesty and without judgment, and treat everyone who requests a reading with equality and respect.
6. It is not ethical for a reader to answer direct questions about third parties (ie: partners, relatives, friends, work colleagues).  I reserve the right to rephrase any such question to reflect the point of view of the querent. 
7. Questions with a yes/no answer limit the Tarot.  To get the very best from the Tarot Cards, questions should ask: What, When, Where, Which, Why, or How.  I reserve the right to rephrase a question to this end if applicable.
8.  Under certain circumstances I may have to refuse to do a reading or end a reading.  I will do this with tact and offer an immediate refund of any payment.  Refunds will not be made under any other circumstances.
9. The fee for a reading is clearly posted on the website, is non-negotiable and payable before the reading proceeds.
10. Querents should receive their reading within five working days.  If for any reason this is not possible the querent will be informed by email.  
11. I do not give a second reading within a 30 day period.  After that I would be happy to read for you again.

A reading is not legally binding and is not a substitute for medical, psychological, legal or financial consultation.  Where appropriate I will suggest that a querent obtain such professional expertise.
By purchasing a reading from Black Cat Tarot, you agree to take full responsibility for any actions you  take, which you feel may be a result of the reading.
It is against the law for me to read the Tarot cards for those under the age of 18.  I will not knowingly read for anyone under the age of 18 unless I have received permission personally from a guardian or a parent.
For legal reasons I must ask that a Tarot reading be seen as “entertainment” only.

If you wish to avail of counselling beyond a Tarot Reading , your introductory session begins by asking a question of the Tarot and moving forward from there.

Home Book a Reading Tarot Readings Shamanic Tarot Readings  Celtic Tree Ogham Readings Qualifications Guidelines Feedback

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